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What is Clicktacular?

Clicktacular empowers you to use WordPress, the most popular and most powerful website builder on the planet, BUT without the learning curve or technical aspects normally inherent in using WordPress. Clicktacular sits on top of WordPress as a super-easy drag and drop interface. But under the bonnet you still have the most powerful, supercharged beast on the planet powering your website. You deserve the number 1 website builder on the planet (28% of the world's websites are powered by WordPress; the 2nd largest website builder has 6.3% of the market share)...

What's the big difference!?!?

The big... nay, huge... difference between Clicktacular and website builders like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace (etc) is simple - WordPress. And because WordPress is 'open source', unlike most of those other website builders - if you decide you don't like us any more, your website is still YOUR website. All of the time, sweat and brainpower you invest in your Clicktacular website - can go with you anywhere on the internet. And as WordPress has totally dominated the internet of things... 1 billion or so users can't be wrong... then you know that you're also investing that brainpower into a platform that will keep on going. And keep on growing. Hurrah!!!

Free. And formidable.

Get started without paying a dollar. Pick your template, test out the Clicktacular 'ACUTE' (Anyone Can Use This, Easy!) drag and drop builder. Under the bonnet is the incredible horsepower of WordPress, driving your website. If you want premium functions, sure you can pay for them. We won't say no. If you don't, then stay on the free plan. Forever if you like.

Choose the same website builder that more people than anyone on the planet choose (60.7%, compared to Weebly - 3.75%, and Wix - 5.97%). Whether you're a one-person blogger, small business, or aspiring to be a mega-brand like Forbes, Playstation, Samsung, Bloomberg, The New Yorker, BBC, Sony, Ebay, CNN...the list goes on. WordPress, the world's undisputed #1. Clicktacular - the easy way to use WordPress.

More #1's than the Beatles. Well... almost.

World's #1 ranked website builder, WordPress. World's #1 ranked marketing tool, Mailchimp. World's #1 rated WordPress SEO tool, Yoast. World's #1 most downloaded contact form, Contact 7. World's #1 ranked website analytics tool, Google Analytics. World’s #1 rated WordPress frontend editor, Beaver Builder. World’s #1 rated WordPress host, WP Engine. World’s #1 rated site backup solution, Snapshot. World’s #1 ranked WordPress ecommerce solution, Woocommerce. World’s #1 rated WordPress anti-spam tool, Akismet.

Websites are good. Websites with marketing tools - much better.

Well, who even really knows what SEO is and how to do it anyway? Actually, the guys at Yoast SEO do, thus their frequently number 1 rated WordPress tool on the planet. And the best bit? It looks at what you write on each page of your website, and tells you what to add or change, to make Google and major search engines rank your website better. Yoast is included and set up on EVERY Clicktacular site. Also - we include: statistics and a heatmap tool, so you can see what is, and maybe isn't, working really well.