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We give you the world's most powerful #1 ranked website builder WordPress - with:

• No credit card needed

• Set up hosting.

• Free domain name

• E-commerce functionality

• Regularly updated plugins.

• Drag and drop editing (WYSIWYG).

We take care of all the set up, so you don't have to

  • 1. We set up your site hosting including: installing the latest version of WordPress with an easy to use ‘Point and Click’ frontend site builder and keeping it updated, installing the site template and licensing it for you to use so that you own the rights to use it as you see fit, importing and installing demo content into your site, so you have a frame of reference, configuring domain mapping for you, so your website ends up visible on your domain, installing and activating security tools to protect your site against hacks.
  • 2. We vet & install all the plugins you need including: activating and regularly updating them, testing plugins for compatibility so everything works together within your site without conflict, pre-configuring your plugins so that they are ready for you to make them your own.
  • 3. If you choose an ecommerce site we set it up so you can get paid fast and securely including: installing and activating both Paypal and Stripe, the 2 most popular payment gateways on the planet, installing and configuring Woocommerce and setting up Woocommerce subscriptions so you can charge for subscription based products or services.
  • 4. We install and monitor site performance tools including: tools to ensure your site is fast, marketing tools so you can have a pretty site that gets even prettier traffic, backing up your site daily in case things go awry and you want to revert to a previous version.
  • 5. We give you real, human support so that you can get the critical helping hand when it counts - when you are first trying to learn, and use, your new website builder. We coach you through your initial designs with our 'in-app' livechat support. For technical or functionality issues, you can also either pay for our 'unlimited tickets' support plan in addition to the included design support which is available, or access WordPress's extensive support documentation and forums.


• No credit card needed

• Easy to use frontend editor

• Extensive support and in-app, online training

• Migrate your content with ease

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