WordPress. Without all of the set up.

Without the big learning curve.

So you want the world's #1 ranked (28% of the internet!; #2 site builder has 6.3% of the marketshare), most popular and most powerful website builder - WordPress - in your arsenal to turn your digital presence, into digital dominance? But you don't want the world's longest learning curve, nor do you want the world's most intricate website builder to learn how to master. So we give you WordPress - with an easier, simpler interface on top of it. And we take care of pre-building your website, setting up your hosting, updating your plugins, you know... all the nerdy stuff that you know you need, but you also know you don't want to spend months of your life on setting up. Boom!

We take care of all the set up, so you don't have to

  • 1. We set up your site hosting
  • 2. We install the latest WordPress, and keep it updated
  • 3. You pick your template (theme), we install it
  • 4. If you select a premium site template, we purchase an individual license for you to use that template from it's author so that you own the rights to use it as you see fit
  • 5. We vet & install all the plugins you need
  • 6. We activate and regularly update plugins
  • 7. We import and install demo content into your site, so you have a frame of reference
  • 8. We install & configure your Point'n'Click frontend site builder (Beaver Builder)
  • 9. If you choose an ecommerce enabled site, we install Woocommerce
  • 10. We set up Woocommerce Subscriptions and install it, just in case you want to charge for any subscription based products or services
  • 11. If you choose an ecommerce site, we install and activate both Paypal and Stripe, the 2 most popular payment gateways on the planet so you can get paid, securely
  • 12. We set up a frontend website navigation menu, so you have a starting point
  • 13. We backup your site daily in case things go awry and you want to revert to a previous version
  • 14. We install and activate a security tool (Defender) to protect your site against hacks
  • 15. If you go with a paid plan, we cover the cost of your .com domain registration
  • 16. We configure domain mapping for you, so your website ends up visible on your domain
  • 17. We test plugins for compatibility, so everything works together within your site without conflict
  • 18. We pre-configure your plugins so that they are ready for you to make them your own
  • 19. We extensively reconfigure the backend of WordPress to hide dozens of set-up related options, so you can just focus on design-specific functionality (these extra options CAN be unlocked by you, but we recommend against that)
  • 20. We install and monitor site performance tools to ensure your site is fast
  • 21. If you have a paid plan, we install marketing tools so you can have a pretty site that gets even prettier traffic (as long as you use said tools)
  • 22. If you subsribe to the Sensei plan, we give you real, human support so that you can lodge unlimited small tickets to overcome plugin, functionality etc issues (design is still your responsibility, this plan gives you technical backup)
  • 23. We give you tailor made tutorial videos, as well as access to WordPress support documentation and forums - so you have some well documented / video backup, as required