Here’s How We Work Our Magic

WordPress is by far and away the world's most popular website builder but it has one fatal flaw that causes 85% of users to quit before they finish their site:

It's complicated as everyone gets lost in some parts. Specifically, there are 5 areas where people tend to stumble with WordPress:

1) Initializing website

2) Installing themes

3) Installing/activating plugins

4) Installing a shopping cart

5) Setting up or initializing database (for collection of customer information, etc.)

For most users, these 5 areas cause enough stress and aggravation for them to quit trying to build their site and not use WordPress. While we empathize with the stress caused by WordPress use, the simple truth is that no platform is better for building a website-none.

Clicktacular exists because people need WordPress to build functional, profitable sites but don't have the technical expertise to build it for themselves (or the $10,000 or more to pay a pro to build it for you!). So, how have we finally made WordPress truly "user friendly" so that you can literally "Point-and-Click" your way to a world-class website?

  1. Clicktacular has developed a more user-friendly interface:
    Basically, we created a modified version of WordPress that you can access to build your own site that includes: 1) Loads of pop-ups, videos and tutorials to help you navigate every function. 2) More user-friendly interface and true Point-and-Click capability.
  2. We take care of the heavy lifting: You remember that initializing problem we discussed earlier? Yeah, we got that covered and take care of all the heavy lifting for you there. Same with theme updates, new plugins, shopping cart integration (WooCommerce, PayPal) and data base configuration (MailChimp). Basically, every single thing that trips up and causes 85% of people to bail on their new site - we take care of for you.

That's right: No more searching forums and WordPress tutorial sites for answers to your questions. No more trying to find some cut-rate web developer to "cut you a deal" on doing the work for you-honestly, just point and click. Our team and our insanely intuitive interface will take care of everything else. You just have to focus on creating the site and executing your vision while we sweat the details - and we like it that way!

We offer very affordable monthly plans and a truly free 7-day trial so you don't have to risk the bank to try us out. If you don't agree, then nothing happens. No automatic charges, no surprises - we don't even ask for your credit card information. It's honestly that simple.

Word Press is Simply the Best, There Really is No Contest

Word Press is literally the Google of the website building world:

  • Over 60% Market Share (10X’s More Users than Weebly or Wix)
  • Largest Collection of Plugins
  • Loads of Marketing Tools and Features to Boost Site Traffic
  • Easy to Integrate with Other Internet Marketing Tools and Platforms
  • Has World’s #1 Rated Marketing Tool, #1 SEO Plugin, and Top Rated Shopping Cart

If you want to build a successful site that can grow and evolve with your needs, nothing beats Word Press—period. Other platforms simply don’t have the “development time” invested in them like Word Press so while Wix and Weebly may make it easier to create a website, there’s just one problem:

Websites Not Built with Word Press Are Harder to Modify and Tend to Convert Significantly Lower.

Basically, you can upload and use a template easier on those other platforms: But those templates don’t convert. So, what good is that? Like the “easy road” to nowhere. But here is the thing: Once Word Press is actually set-up with your theme installed, plug-ins activated, and everything in place…
It’s a totally different beast. In fact, once it’s set up: Word Press is a breeze for the most part. But getting everything set up: Well, that’s the problem when it comes to Word Press.

That’s Why We Developed Clicktacular

Basically, we created a modified version of Word Press that is LOADS easier to use and operate than the baseline version everyone else is playing with. We actually call it: The Insanely Intuitive Interface so we have added tons of interactive pop-ups for specific functions, training vids, and other resources to give you true Point and Click capabilities in Word Press.

But we didn’t stop there.

The five main areas where most people struggle with Word Press are:

1) Initializing Website
2) Installing Themes
3) Installing/Activating Plugins
4) Installing Shopping Cart
5) Setting Up or Initializing Data Base (for collection of customer information, etc.)

For these bits, we actually take care of all the heavy lifting for all Clicktacular members. You don’t need any technical expertise and everything is set up to be true Point and Click. We make it easy for members to switch themes, upload and activate plugins, and grow their business using our powerful suite of Online Marketing Tools (can we embed links in this mode? If so, this should link to Products Page).

Clicktacular makes it easy for non-technical users to create and market world-class Word Press websites. Try our Free 7-Day Trial and see for yourself. No credit card required.

The Choice You Make Today Can Impact You for Years to Come

Before creating Clicktacular, we used to create and optimize websites. And the biggest problem we encountered when trying to optimize websites was:

The Platforms In Use by the Client

We called them “Frankensteins”.

These sites are cobbled together with chewing gum and some of the oldest, most decrepit platforms you can imagine. You want to update a page? Good luck! Need to add some automated emails? Yeah, in the next life maybe but not using the lousy platforms some of our clients had!
Now here’s why these “Frankensteins” are such a problem for people like you who want to grow and build a legitimate online business:

At Some Point, You Need to Throw in the Towel and Rebuild the Site with WordPress

Yeah, that is NOT cheap. And if you have some ecommerce site set up on a Frankenstein and like 500-1000 products—it’s over.
You would not believe how many Frankensteins are out there pulling in money—but they can’t grow, they are losing market share, and they either have to let the business slowly die or pay to transition everything over to WordPress. You never want to end up here.

That’s One of the Biggest Reasons We Created Clicktacular

Once you build your site up with the wrong platform, it’s just a matter of time before that mistake comes back to haunt you. So to help people avoid the nightmares and runaway costs of a platform transition, we created Clicktacular to make WordPress 100% user-friendly and:

  • No Technical Expertise Required
  • Just Point-and- Click
  • Pick a Theme or Plugin—We’ll Install for You!
  • Start Building in Minute
  •  Loads of Pop-Up Tutorials, Vids, and Tools to Help You
  • Insanely Intuitive Interface and Back End Help

WordPress is the world’s best website builder, hands down. Clicktacular helps you use and navigate WordPress with ease while we take care of all the heavy lifting. You just need to concentrate on building your site and for one low monthly fee: We will take care of the rest.

Sign up for your Free 7-Day Trial to use our Insanely Intuitive Interface yourself! No credit card required.

How Exactly Can Clicktacular Help Your Online Business Generate $10,000’s or More in Extra Income?

1.  Insanely Powerful and Effective Marketing Tools:  From email automations to SEO tools, Clicktacular provides access and training modules for all of WordPress’s most powerful marketing tools.

2.  Themes and Templates that Actually Convert:  We’ve been asked to optimize loads of Wix and Weebly sites but there’s just one problem:  The themes and templates don’t actually convert and worse:  They are extremely difficult to customize.  But WordPress has developed some of the most advanced and powerful themes and templates on the planet that DO convert!  Our Clicktacular members not only have access to loads of advanced themes to choose from—we’ll even install it for you!

3. Full Suite of Powerful, Proven Marketing Services:  Just check out our Products page to see our full range of powerful marketing services, including:

  • Press Release Creation and Distribution (to sites like ABC, CNN, and more)
  • Business Directory Listing Service
  • Proven, White-Hat Link-Building Services
  • Content Marketing Services
  • High Domain Authority Link Building

Every single service is fully guaranteed to generate tangible results with full transparent reporting or your money back.  We don’t play games with your business and every service is 100% White Hat, period.

Add it all up and between higher conversion rates, better marketing tools, and with our full arsenal of marketing tools:  Clicktacular can help your business generate $10,000’s in additional income or more per year!

Don’t take our word for it:  Just Sign Up for our Free 30-Day Trial to see for yourself!  No credit card required.

With Clicktacular, Your Online Growth is Only Limited by Your Imagination

With Clicktacular, building a custom world-class WordPress site is the easy part—we literally do all of the heavy lifting for you!

Then, you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work marketing your site to attract visitors and ultimately:  Customers.  

And this is where the true magic of Clicktacular begins because anyone can build a site:  It takes a lot more to build a successful and profitable site.  That’s why all Clicktacular members have a full arsenal of marketing tools that they can use as part of their low, monthly fee, including:

  • Yoast SEO Plugin to Help Drive Organic Traffic to Your Site
  • Mailchimp Marketing Plugin for Autoresponders
  • SendInBlue Advanced CRM Tool
  • Google Analytics To Increase Conversions and Analyze Traffic
  • Live Chat for Lead Generation and Higher Site Conversions
  • 1-on-1 Training Sessions to Help You Complete and Grow Your Site Faster
  • Premium Web App Functions for Higher Mobile Conversions
  • And Much More!

We didn’t stop there, not by a long shot.

We know that a lack of time is probably the biggest thing holding most people back from effectively marketing and growing their online business.  

So for anyone who doesn’t have the time but wants to explode traffic levels and get customers rolling in ASAP, we offer a wide range of Marketing Services, including:

  • Press Release Creation and Distribution (to sites like ABC, CNN, and more)
  • Business Directory Listing Service
  • Proven, White-Hat Link-Building Services
  • Content Marketing Services
  • High Domain Authority Link Building


Want to put your site’s growth on auto-pilot?  Check out our full range of Marketing Services now!

Here’s Why Local Citations Supercharge Your “SEO Juice” and Boost Search Engine Rankings

Local citations are simply a posting of your core business details, online. “So what?” These citations, from the RIGHT online business directories, are seen as “credibility indicators” by the search engines. So the more credible business directories your site’s details are listed and maintained: The more credible your site becomes with the search engines. Listing your site on the right business directories supercharges actually yields a number of short and long term benefits:

Short-Term: Immediate Injection of Referral Traffic

With your business listed and linked to relevant, high Domain Authority business directories: You are going to get direct clicks on those links and direct referral traffic with potential customers.

Long-Term: Improved Organic Rankings and Organic Traffic

Look: SEO is not magic. Google and other search engines are looking for proof of these core features in all sites:

  • The Site is an Authority: You know all that SEO content like blogs and articles you put on your site? That’s why. Sites with lots of relevant well-organized information without loads of spammy links—that’s someone who is serious about someone. So, you need loads of SEO content.
  • The Site is Respected by Relevant Sites: Google considers relevant, inbound links from related sites to be an indicator that it is respected in the field and a true player in some capacity. So links from high Domain Authority sites in related fields or media publications are signs that a site is respected by relevant sites.
  • The Site Can Be Trusted to Be Who They Say They Are: There are a number of factors Google studies here and one of them are Local Citations. If you have your core business information consistently listed in trusted, high Domain Authority business directories, Google considers you more likely to be who you say you are. You get more SEO juice.

So long term: Local citations build your site’s credibility and give it more SEO juice in the search engine results. But as you can see: SEO includes many factors but the payoff is more than worth it. Only about 1/10 website visitors clicks on a paid ad: So, 90% of web traffic is still actually funneled by the search engines. Getting ranked on page 1 or 2 for most targeted words is very unlikely without local citations being in place and formatted correctly.

Clicktacular Gets Your Site Listed in Up to 90 High Quality Business Directories!

When complete, we send a full report that is 100% transparent and updated as your search results improve. Don’t worry: We always stand behind our work with a Money Back guarantee.

Don’t Be Fooled by Spammy Citation Services

Getting your business listed in the RIGHT online business directories is actually a fair bit of work. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Uncover the Best Business Directories for Your Business: Getting your business listed is not enough. The business directories have to have Domain Authority and have relevance to what you are really selling. This is going to take some time and will be different for all businesses.

2. Jump Through Hoops to Gain Permission to List: Credible, high Domain Authority business directories do NOT want their visitors fooled by scam artists. So, there are a lot of admin hoops to jump through just to gain access to post of most of the high value sites.

3. Post Information in Correct Format and Maintain: All sites are a little different or have slight variations on their processes so this is not as simple as it sounds. As with all things, it takes time to do it right.

But most spam citation services are going to have a standard list of 25-30 totally crap services they submit you to and that’s it. These services all likely have the same posting format so the worker bees can “copy and paste” your information in place. In some cases, you are lucky if they even have the right information.

It really won’t matter because the long-term jolt to your SEO results will never materialize with this strategy. The domain authority of the business directories is the key here. You could literally have 200 of them in place but if they were all crappy and not respected by Google and other search engines: You don’t get the added SEO “juice”!


Clicktacular Knows Which Directories Are Most Valuable for Businesses in Every Niche

Our crack team of marketers immediately search out the best directories for your business—and we have access to a few “big juice” sites that work for most businesses as well. Once we have the list compiled, we get to work accessing and listing your business on up to 90 TOP Business Directory websites relevant to your business niche.

Our Service WILL HAVE a visible impact on your business traffic both short and long term. Listing your business in up to 90 high-traffic, high value business directories boosts referral traffic almost immediately as visitors click to get to your site.

Mid to long term, your SEO rankings are going to climb which increases the overall levels of organic customers.

With 100% transparent reporting, you can SEE for yourself how our Local Citations service improves your business. And like our Marketing Services: We stand fully behind our work with a Money Back Guarantee.

In the Age of Mobile, Submission to Business Directories is Not Enough

To ensure that your site is truly respected by peers and trusted, it likes to be sure your site is mobile-friendly and well-connected. Therefore, you really need to get your vids and images listed separately and ideally with media citations. It just enhances your site’s perceived credibility by getting links from respected video and image hosting services. That’s part of the SEO “juice” they give you.

Plus, if your media citations are from the RIGHT high-traffic, high Domain Authority sites—it also yields direct referral traffic too!

Spammy Media Citation Services Waste Your Time and Money

Getting your media tagged and posted on the right media sites takes time and hard work. Formatting, and upload requirements vary significantly. Plus, before you can post anything, you have to properly tag your images and vids so they link to your site and rack up that SEO “Juice”!

Unfortunately, most spammy media citation services just use a handful of “low-rent sites” to post to. These usually have similar formatting requirements (to save them time, not help you) and very little effort to upload. But media citations from low-end, no Domain Authority sites doesn’t help your site at all. In fact, it could actually hurt it depending on the quality of those new inbound links.

At Clicktacular, We Take the Time to Do the Job Right and Generate Results. Guaranteed.

We create optimized video slideshows with embedded geo-meta data to then submit to top video hosting services. These create legitimate, high-value media citations and links for your site to enhance credibility, improve SEO rankings, and drive referral traffic. We also submit up to 10 images to top image hosting services for a comprehensive strategy that really works. Then, we generate 100% transparent reports so you can see the results from our services.

Guaranteed or your money back.

Social Citations Supercharge SEO Rankings and Drive Referral Traffic

Social is here to stay because Google very much looks at social media inbound links/citations as proof your site is an authority and can be trusted. So you either are generating social media exposure and links or your search results, credibility, and overall revenue will all suffer.

But generating legitimate inbound social media citations from TRUSTED and RESEPECTED sources is hard work. And if you just try to get “any old citations” no matter the source: You risk getting associated with spammy sites that are going to hurt your search engine rankings.

And Organic Traffic Is Still the Trick to Online Success

Once your site has the RIGHT media citations, the right social media citations, and is listed in the right business directories: Magic starts to happen. Or actually, success begins…

Organic is still the key to online success. Yes, social media citations will generate social traffic directly but they are also critical to high search engine rankings. If your site isn’t on Page 1—it’s not even seen by almost 92% of all organic visitors!

That’s Why Clicktacular Generates Social Citations the Right Way

You guessed it: To the do the job right and get the results you really want, well, you actually have to do the job right!

After devising the best social media strategy for your site and goals, we start manually generating powerful submissions loaded with rich media and content. Thus, we create 100% legitimate, high authority links and citations for your business!

It’s not really magic: It’s just hard work but it really generates the results your online business needs for success.

Once we generate the submissions and complete the hard work, we’ll then send a detailed report showing the full results—100% transparent every step of the way.

Guaranteed or Your Money Back.

What Exactly is “Domain Authority” and Why Should You Care?

Domain Authority: A search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on SERP’s (search engine results pages). Scores range from 0-100 with higher scores corresponding to a better ability to rank. While this metric isn’t from Google, Moz is a leading authority on SEO and DA has become an accepted metric for assessing a site’s strength in the SERP’s results.

Why Domain Authority Matters and Can Drive Your Profits Skyrocketing…

Ready for the best part? Although Moz developed the metric, Google now uses Domain Authority as one of it’s biggest factors in determining a site’s ranking.

So here’s the bottom line:

Higher Domain Authority ranking yields higher search engine rankings which in turn deliver MORE TRAFFIC and ultimately MORE CUSTOMERS to your site.

  • Get Higher Rankings on SERP’s
  • Drive Direct Referral Traffic (via actual links)
  • Drive More Organic Traffic (via higher SERP’s)
  • Reduce Marketing Costs and Improve Site Conversions
  • Here’s a graphic to show you exactly how important Domain Authority Is for Your Site’s SEO:

Domain Authority is THE TOP FACTOR Determining SERP’s and Organic Traffic to Your Site!

Successful website owners may use paid advertising, affiliates, social media marketing, and other traffic channels to grow their online business. But for the big profits and massive increases in size and revenue, organic traffic is still KING.

In fact, SEO is one of the few marketing methods left where a website owner can “beat margins” and actually make serious profit. With most other methods, a website owner invests “X” to generate “Y” traffic. But with SEO, your investment can actually generate a LOT more than you initially invested which ultimately reduces marketing costs, boosts profits, and makes the online business successful!

That’s Where Clicktacular Comes In Using Only White Hat Techniques That Work—Again and Again.

We don’t rely on marketing hype or b.s. tactics that will likely be caught—and severely punished—by Google and the other search engines. 

Instead, we build relationships with high DA sites and then create PERMANENT high DA backlinks to your site.

When we are finished, we will generate a full report that details:

  • What High DA Sites You Are Now Linked To
  • Breakdown of the DA for each Backlink (20% are 15-20 DA, 60% are 20-30 DA, and 20% are 30+ DA and we’ll show you the exact DA for each link)
  • Up to 40 New Permanent Links to High DA Sites
  • Clicks Generated from Each New Link (referral traffic)

At Clicktacular, we always stand behind our work with a no-haggles Money Back Guarantee—so you truly have nothing to lose and a load of permanent inbound high DA links to gain!

Clicktacular Link Building Services Generate Results You Can See in Every Report

Ok, so what exactly “happens” when you use our High Domain Authority link building service?

With so many marketing firms, the simple truth is: You really don’t know. Basically, you make a payment and supposedly things are getting done. But are they?

At Clicktacular, your order completion initiates a series of events and actions that ultimately leads to more customers reaching your site. Specifically, here is everything that happens once your place an order for our High Domain Authority link building service:

1. Our Marketing Team Does Their Homework: Just cramming a bunch of links on your site—even high Domain Links—is not best practice. What you want and what the search engines love to see are “Relevant” high DA links. Basically, by relevant, this means that the visitor is on a related or pertinent site where it’s visitors would be more likely to actually want or need your service/product. So, having a High Domain Authority site selling exercise equipment would be more relevant to your diet/nutrition site than say a high DA site promoting iPhones or electronic gear.

That’s why our marketing pros scour our network of high DA sites to find those that are truly related and relevant to your own niche. 100% Customized Link Building Strategy: Nice.

2. We Insert Up to 40+ Permanent, High DA Links To Your Site: We have relationships with 100’s of high DA sites and know exactly how to get your link listed in a visible, high-traffic location. Once the links are inserted, the results start appearing almost instantly.

3. We Generate Your Link Building Report: Our proven strategy is to place 20% of links on sites with 15-20 DA scores. We then place 60% of your links on sites with 20-30 DA scores. Lastly, we place 20% of the links to your site on the Big Guns: Sites with DA scores of at least 30+!

In your Link Building Report, we’ll tell you where every single link has been placed along with it’s current DA score. 100% transparent reporting with no surprises. Nice.

Once Our Work is Done, The Results Begin to Materialize Almost Immediately

Immediate but Long Term Boost in Referral Traffic

In total, Clicktacular will place AT LEAST 40 high DA links to your site. Every link is a live portal funneling visitors from RELEVANT, HIGH TRAFFIC SITES—directly to your website. Anyone who clicks on one of our High DA links becomes “referral traffic” that all can become potential customers. 

Now here’s the best part: Because we are placing PERMANENT high DA links: This stream of referral traffic will continue to bring potential customers to your site: Month after month!

Your SERP’s Will Increase on Properly Targeted Keywords

Links from high DA sites are the #1 factor in boosting search engine rankings—and that’s precisely what we provide with our service. Just run a current report on your keyword rankings for all of your targeted terms. Then, wait maybe a week or two for the update to kick in, and your rankings will begin to rise on any properly targeted keyword.

That boost in your rankings translates into more and more Organic Traffic.

You don’t have to trust us or take our word for it that our service is sending more visitors to our site:

Just look at any reliable traffic analytics suite that shows you Referral and Organic traffic—and the results speak for themselves.

All of our services are 100% transparent and fully backed by our Money Back Guarantee: We generate results you can see or you get your money back. It’s simple, fair, and a true win-win. Nice.

We Work Hard to Get Your Site the Right High Domain Authority Links!

Unless you’re an SEO Pro, the whole “backlinks” business can be a bit tough to get your mind around, no?

Why are some backlinks “good” and boost search engine rankings while others are considered “bad” and can harm rankings?

Here’s an easy way to think of it: Backlinks are like job references. Ideally, these references help a prospective employer know if they can “trust” you with their business.

But, not all references are created equal. For instance, a reference from your brother or family member (bad or weak backlink) will not carry as much weight as say a reference from a former employer (good, high Domain Authority backlink!).

So, if you pay some shady marketer to get you loads of weak or even bad references (backlinks), well, Google isn’t going to trust your site. In fact, if you have too many weak or bad backlinks: Google and other search engines will literally punish your site with lower rankings.

But when loads of your references (backlinks) are from High Domain authority sites: Google looks at your site as one that can be trusted and REWARDS it with higher rankings.

And those higher search engine rankings are you key to higher traffic levels, more sales, and even greater profitability.

Unfortunately, Getting Backlinks from Relevant, High Domain Authority Sites is Not Easy

It’s actually hard work to get high DA sites to agree to link to another site and place the link in a high visibility location—but that’s exactly what we do for all of our clients!

Our Team Hits the Ground Running to Secure Your High DA Links!

Step 1: You Talk, We Listen

Basically, we need you to tell us what keywords you want to rank for and within what industry niche specifically.

Step 2: We Create Your Link Building Strategy and Identify Target Sites

With your targeted terms and industry niche in hand, our team then develops your overall link building strategy. We identify “target sites” with DA scores of 15+ or higher, and start getting to work.

Step 3: We Directly Contact High DA Site Webmasters/Owners

While we already have a large network of high DA sites to potentially post your links, we always need to specifically contact some new sites that are more relevant to your specific industry niche. We then work them to let us post in-content links on their high-visibility Homepage sidebars! Nice.

Step 4: We Deliver Your 100% Transparent Report

We will both identify every single link we placed and tell you the exact DA scores of every link so you can see for yourself what was done to help market your site.

Step 5: Watch the Results Roll In

Our High Domain Authority link building service provides two TANGIBLE benefits that you can start to see almost immediately after we complete our work:

Benefit #1: Long-Term Increase in Referral Traffic

Each link we place on a high DA site’s home page sidebar is a direct gateway to your site. So, with more than 40+ high DA links provided with our service: That’s a load of new paths to your site that will generate an ongoing stream of Referral traffic!

Benefit #2: Long-Term Increase in Rankings and Organic Traffic

Although it will take a week or so for your site to be indexed and the ranking to be updated: Your rankings will improve—long term. Remember, we are building PERMANENT home page high DA links straight to your site so the boost is long-term. Those higher rankings will translate into more Organic Traffic—and sales! Nice.

You don’t have to take our word for it: Just see for yourself how Clicktacular High Domain Authority link building service improves rankings and provides a long-term boost to referral and organic traffic!

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our service: We back with a no-haggle Money Back Guarantee.

Here’s Why Backlinks Are So Vital To Your Online Success

It’s simple: Backlinks have “seo juice”. The higher the domain authority and popularity of the site linking to yours, the more “seo juice” your site gets. So with the “right” backlinks, your online business gets higher Search Engine Rankings on places like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The higher your search results, the more targeted, high value organic traffic that comes to your site to become potential customers!

Already Have Loads of Great Content, Perfect Design, and a High Quality Website?

Great! Unfortunately, without the high quality backlinks, sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will still penalize your search engine results. Yes, high quality back-links ARE that important and here’s why:

Only 8.5% of Google Users Scan Search Results Past Page 1

Here’s the full breakdown of the first 4 pages and what percentage of visitors view them:

Page 1: 91.5%

Page 2: 4.8%

Page 3: 1.1%

Page 4: .4%

So if your business isn’t listed on Page 1 or at worst Page 2 of the search results: No one will even see it. And key to all of this are the high quality back links.

But Don’t Be Fooled By “Link Farms” and Spammy Services Out of Who Knows Where

Google is not stupid and it is King of Search. While some black hat shady operators may offer up insane numbers of back links for unrealistically low prices (given the work involved to get 100% real, high quality back links with real “seo juice”)—it’s going to bite you in the long run.

Once your site gets tagged for having “spammy” backlinks, Google starts killing your rankings. Now you know the only way to fix that problem once you have those spammy backlinks?

You have to go back and manually remove or neutralize them—or they will continue to kill your search engine rankings for months—even years—to come!

At Clicktacular, We Only Employ White Hat Techniques that Lead to Genuine, High-Quality Back Links. Or Your Money Back.

Clicktacular is an Australian-based business that only hires professional copywriters and marketers. There’s no secret sauce here: We do the hard work of generating 100% Original, High Quality content and then place it on high value, High Domain Authority and high traffic sites. That is exactly what Google is looking for so that’s what we create each month along with your final report within 1-2 months of ordering. It will take time to build and grow the high quality, high DA links that your site truly needs to rank well for targeted terms. Nice.

We Do the Hard Work Starting on Day 1

As with all of our 100% White Hat Marketing Services: We fully stand behind our work and provide all clients with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Nice. Don’t worry: We track absolutely everything and provide you with 100% transparent reporting on all key metrics so you can SEE how we move the needle! We don’t care if your business is in the middle of the most competitive, link-hungry niche on the web: We CAN and WILL design a link-building strategy that works in ANY competitive environment. Or your money back.

Here’s How:

Step 1: Market Analysis

Once your order is placed, our team of marketing pros start researching your niche. We are looking at everything:

  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Industry and Marketing Research

What are we doing? We’re working hard to develop the BEST link-building strategy for your niche and specific site. This comprehensive plan takes time to research and put into place and it will be reviewed, adjusted, and refined as time goes on—but this is the link-building blueprint. Once we have our game plan and know which sites and keywords we are targeting, it’s time for the content.

Step 2: Content Generation

Let’s be very clear: “Spun” or regurgitated articles are crap. The reason is simple: If people are reading watered-down gibberish, they won’t click on the link. Plus, the sites we post to have very high content standards so they don’t want crappy content either.

Unfortunately, most link-building services short-change your content and that’s one of the biggest reasons why they don’t work. In fact, the really spammy link-building services create “article blurbs” that might only be 50 words long. That’s not going to cut it and your business will literally suffer if you start posting content like that all over the web.

So at Clicktacular, we hire Australian, US and other professional copywriters to create 100% original, high quality content that helps “pre-sell” your business and most importantly: Generates links! All articles are fully vetted and guaranteed to be 100% Copyscape certified before we post anything.

Step 3: We Post Your Content and Generate Your Report

This is the fun part where we start spreading word about your business around the web to high Domain Authority sites. That is going to do 2 things for your business:

1. Generate Instant “Referral Traffic”: Once we place an article on a targeted High Domain authority site—you have one more small gateway created to channel visitors straight to your site! This is instant traffic and because we ONLY post to high-traffic, high Domain Authority sites: You start generating referral traffic!

2. Improve Search Engine Rankings for Targeted Keywords: While the referral traffic will come almost immediately, it will take time for the results to appear in your search results. However, our highly-refined targeting and link-building strategy is designed to create a natural viral link structure that builds over time. So the longer you use our service: The bigger the boost will be each month to your search engine rankings!

Don’t worry: We track absolutely everything and provide you with 100% transparent reporting on all key metrics so you can SEE how we move the needle!

As with all of our 100% White Hat Marketing Services: We fully stand behind our work and provide all clients with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Nice.

We Do the Hard Work Starting on Day 1

How many of you have seen services like these sending you unwanted emails or showing up on pop-ups as you look for “cheap” link-building solutions:

Get 100 High Quality Links for Just $49!

That is impossible. Without spun articles or some type of black hat b.s., you can’t generate 100 high quality links for $49. Period.

In fact, here’s how most spammy link-building services “short-change” your content:

  • Use “Spun” Articles: So instead of getting 100 unique, high quality articles: You get 1 article that is “spun” 99 times. Not nice at all. Long term: Your site will get black-listed for posting duplicate content and that will all but kill your online dreams of success.
  • Use 1-Sentence Blurbs: This is actually the most common tactic and again: This is NOT helping your business at all. In fact, the only places that will even post content to their site are typically “Link Farms” (which are owned by the very spammers selling you these “high quality” links). But you can’t get 1-sentence blurbs posted to High Domain Authority, high quality sites—it would violate their terms of service in most cases.

The point is: You can’t possibly research, write, and post 100 articles for $49. And you certainly don’t have time to be creating any comprehensive link-building strategy!

So What? As Long As My Site Gets the Back Links, Does It Really Matter if the Content is Low Quality?

I am going to tell you the secret that no one wants to tell you about Link Building:

The Quality of the Content IS the Secret Sauce.

Here’s why and you’ll agree immediately: No one reads shitty content and feels like clicking a link.

The ENTIRE POINT of these links is to ultimately build organic traffic, get referral traffic and ultimately generate sales. So if the basis of your campaign is poor content: Do you really think it will work?

Here are the real-world consequences of using weak content for your link-building campaigns:

  1. No Growth in Referral Traffic: Every “link” is a portal that allows referral traffic to get to your site from the sites you post to. If the content is crap, no one will click on it and there goes your referral traffic stream.
  2. Penalized in Search Engine Results: Because you can’t post crappy content (spun or “sentence blurbs”) on high Domain Authority sites, you are going to be left posting articles on low value, b.s. sites. In time, these spammy links are going to weigh down your search results as Google begins penalizing you. With too many spammy links, your site can get black listed and then it’s basically game over.
  3. Negative Branding: A high quality article is like a mini-ambassador for your business helping to convey credibility and expertise in the subject matter. That helps you convert readers into clicks and ultimately customers. But when you have some confusing, watered-down spun article or a 1-sentence blurb, you are actually harming the image of your business. Over time, this will harm sales, social marketing, and ultimately kill your website.

Clicktacular Hires Real Australian and US-Based Copywriters to Create 100% Original Content 

Write and post content that visitors actually want to read—that’s our big secret! Sure, where we post matters and we do use a few ninja marketing tactics to help your posts go viral—but the content is the key ingredient here.

In fact, with Clicktacular providing your link-building services, our content is 100% guaranteed:

  • 100% Original Content: No spun articles, no copy & paste: We research, write, and verify every single article to ensure it is 100% original.
  • Researched and Designed for “Clicking”: We provide our copywriters with specific instructions on: Keyword targeting, primary keyword ratio, LSI terms and ratio, and article structure and final CTA. The articles are all on target, relevant, and filled with great information that brands your business as an authority and generates the clicks!
  • Generates Results: From the quick burst of referral visitors (who click on links in your articles) to the sustained boost in SEO rankings for high value targeted keywords, we GENERATE RESULTS or YOUR MONEY BACK.

Once your high quality articles are placed on high Domain Authority sites, we start tracking and generating 100% transparent reports—so you CAN SEE the results we are generating for your business.

Content Marketing Isn’t Just a “Buzzword”: It’s the Key to Online Profitability

Let’s cut straight to it: Traffic costs money/resources—period.

Even so-called “free” organic traffic from the search engines is NOT free. Because like it or not: You can’t rank on the first page for most keywords (and page 1 is the most important for driving traffic and potential customers) without having most, if not all, of these key components in place first:

1. Loads of Relevant, High Quality SEO Content on Site: This “on site” SEO content: Is typically in the form of blog articles or posts. After all: These are the pages your visitors are going to link to from the Search Engines. So without high quality blog articles that specifically target keywords (that visitors then type into search engines): You’ll never rank on Page 1 for any valuable keywords.

2. High Quality Backlinks from Related Websites: Backlinks from other sites are known as “trust indicators”. Google and other search engines use backlinks to determine how
trustable your site is—to not just visitors, but other sites as well. So the more backlinks you have from high Domain Authority websites: The more SEO juice you get and the higher your search engine rankings will be.

Of course, there are well over 100 variables that search engines use to help determine search engine rankings (including Social Media citations, credibility tools, listings in local business
directories, etc.). But NONE of them are going to matter because if your site isn’t “growing” and adding new SEO content each month: Then search engines think your site is dying. And your rankings will reflect it!

So, to keep the “free” organic traffic rolling in and your search engine rankings high (and climbing), you need to add fresh, keyword optimized content to your site on a regular basis.
Monthly is a very solid posting schedule for newer sites but it can be scaled up as your business and traffic levels grow.

Ok, So Then What is Content Marketing Actually Worth for My Business?

The value of the organic traffic generated from Content Marketing varies wildly depending on how you try and monetize it. So rather than try and determine the value of content marketing to your business specifically, let’s look at the value of that traffic were you to buy it somewhere else.

For instance, what if you had to pay for the same level of organic traffic—on a platform like Google Adwords or Facebook? Let’s take a look at a specific example using one of our “spy tools” that we use to look at the value of SEO traffic for a real site:

$5 Million Per Month in Traffic!

If your business could achieve even a small fraction of that amount: What would that do for your business (via your website)?

Clicktacular Provides You with 100% Original, SEO Blog Articles That Are Laser-Focused on Your Niche and Targeted Keyword!

Our team of professional copywriters and marketers take the time to research, write, edit, and finalize each and every SEO Blog we create. Once uploaded, we will then generate a Content Marketing Report each month to SHOW you how the new blog has impacted your site.
Combined with high-quality backlinks (we do provide this Marketing Service as well for ultimate convenience), your organic traffic will continue growing along with your online profits!

Our service is fully 100% Guaranteed so we’ll either refund your money or work on the article/blog until you are fully satisfied. Honestly, you can’t lose but if you don’t post 100% original SEO content to your site regularly: You are guaranteed to lose.

The Quality of Each Blog Ultimately Determines Their Success or Failure

Although a lot of “black hat” marketers whine and complain about Google constantly updating their search algorithm, we honestly LOVE each and every update!

Why do we love Google when so many “black hat” marketers hate them? Because we never try to game the system. You see, Google and other search engines aren’t trying to be jerks to website owners with those updates: They are trying to get rid of the scammers that are ruining
their search results.

At the end of the day, Google’s primary mission is to help people find the information they are looking for—and that’s why high quality content is so very critical.

So what type of “quality factors” are Google and other search engines looking for in content?

  • Content is Relevant and Related to Target Keyword (loads of LSI terms)
  • Content is Formatted Properly and Well-Organized
  • Content is Well-Researched and Includes Citations to Other Resources/Sites
  • Content Includes Image or Media to Help Contextualize Information
  • Content is Useful and Not Just a Glorified Sales Pitch

Making sure your content is high quality and formatted properly will help it get approved and rank well in the search engines—but that is only ½ of the battle!

Your content doesn’t just have to make the search engines happy—real, live people must also read and love it enough to click on the link and go directly to your site. This is NOT as easy as it sounds and most web owners have a very hard time creating content that is both liked by search engines and people alike!

That’s Why We Employ a 10-Step Process to Create All SEO Blog Content

Step 1: Conduct Keyword Research
Step 2: Create Niche-Specific Title and Outline
Step 3: Create Article in “How To” or “Top 5” Format to Maximize Click-Thru- Rate
Step 4: Include Stats from Relevant 3 rd Party to Boost Credibility and SEO Juice
Step 5: Find and Insert 1 Stock Image for Use in Blog (plus caption, SEO back work, etc.)
Step 6: Internal Linking (links other relevant pages of your site to this new blog article)
Step 7: Insert CTA to Increase Click-Thru- Rate and Maximize Blog Impact
Step 8: Final Review/Editing
Step 9: Post Article
Step 10: Generate Report on Blog Impact

Don’t worry: We don’t try and short-change with 200-word articles that never generate the clicks. We also don’t try to bore your readers to death with 1500 word “super articles” that are never fully reviewed and tend to waste your marketing dollar.

Instead, Clicktacular creates 500-700 word primary blog posts using the informative pre-sell format. What that means is the article is designed to help answer questions, establish you as an authority, and impartially review any competitors.

We transition at the end with a CTA that directs visitors to click on the link to your site and take care of all the SEO “dirty work” (primary keyword density, LSI density, image indexing, etc.) In the process, your business gets positioned as the solution to a problem and helps convert readers into paying customers. We take the time to create blogs the RIGHT WAY because it really works and delivers a growing wave of organic visitors over time.

Don’t worry: Clicktacular always stands behind our work with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

With Clicktacular Content Marketing Service, There Are NEVER Any Surprises

Good copywriting is hard work. In fact, all professional copywriters employ systems, swap files, and other tools to make sure their content is both informative AND effective.

But what makes an article effective?

Let’s take one step back and look at EXACTLY what your visitors do to reach your article:

1. Enters a Keyword Phrase or Term in Google or Other Search Engine
2. Reviews SERP’s and Ultimately Clicks on One That Leads Back to Your Blog
3. Reads Your Blog

Now all of this sounds great—but based upon just those actions, it’s not an “effective” article for one simple reason: They haven’t taken any action to go further into your sales funnel.

In other words, the visitor just reads your article and then leaves the site—often, never to return.

Did you honestly invest all that time and effort (and likely money!) just to inform someone and send them on their way?? Of course you didn’t and that’s why we don’t consider this to be an effective article unless they “click farther” into your site!

Here’s What We Do To Ensure Every Article is Both Informative AND Effective:

We call it our “10-Point Blog Formula” and for good reason:

Step 1: Conduct Keyword Research and Review Your Site/Inputs
Step 2: Create Niche-Specific Title and Outline (make sure it’s relevant to your site/keyword)
Step 3: Create Article in “How To” or “Top 5” Format to Maximize Click-Thru- Rate
Step 4: Include Stats from Relevant 3 rd Party to Boost Credibility and SEO Juice
Step 5: Find and Insert 1 Stock Image for Use in Blog (plus caption, SEO back work, etc.)
Step 6: Internal Linking (links other relevant pages of your site to this new blog article)
Step 7: Insert CTA to Increase Click-Thru- Rate and Maximize Blog Impact
Step 8: Final Review/Editing
Step 9: Post Article
Step 10: Generate Report on Blog Impact

That’s All for Just One Blog Post!!!

So Why Exactly Do We Go to All This Trouble Just To Create 1 Blog Post?

To ensure that this blog post continues to rank well, read well, and perform well today, tomorrow, and well into the future!

Over time and when properly backlinked, this one blog post could generate 100’s, even 1000’s of visitors (and a fair number of sales if done well!).

But if it’s done poorly with short cuts everywhere: Not only will Google know it and punish you with lower SEO rankings, your customers will too and punish you by leaving the site.

But at Clicktacular, our proven process ensures that you get 1 kick-ass blog post (we’ll even upload!) every month that is SEO-friendly and loved by your visitors!
Just look at everything that is included with every single blog post we create:


  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • Topic and Niche Research
  • 1 Stock Image (with full formatting and SEO)
  • 1 Outside Cited Reference
  • 1 Fully Formatted 500+ Word Article (proper headers, etc. for SEO)
  • Keyword and LSI Optimized
  • Editing
  • Powerful CTA to Increase Click-Thru- Rate to Other Content on Your Site
  • We Even Upload the Blog (optional)!

Want more than 1 blog per month? No problem! Just tell us how many you need and we’ll be happy to provide an exact quote!

And remember: With Clicktacular’s 100% Money Back Guarantee, you risk absolutely NOTHING by signing up today!

Get Your Business Seen On Media Sites Like CNN, ABC, CNS & More!

Press releases may not generate the “Marketing Buzz” of newer tools like Social Media or Content Marketing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t drive loads of customers to your website!

But we understand: Press releases are an “old school” form of marketing and most assume they really don’t work these days.


In fact, Press Releases seen on major media outlets like CNN, ABC or any respected outlet can boost your business in 3 ways:

  1. Enhance Business Credibility: Once your press release is distributed to a site like CNN, you can legally boost your site’s credibility with 3 simple words: “As Seen On” and then the logo of the news outlet. While not a direct “endorsement”, the logo will boost credibility which increases conversions!
  2. Direct Referral Traffic: Every press release you distribute to major media outlets includes a link to your site. People reading your press release can click on the link and directly visit your site driving up Referral Traffic.
  3. Enhanced SEO Rankings: When your press releases are published on high-traffic, high Domain Authority sites—your SEO rankings go up! The wider your press release is distributed to high DA sites, the better your rankings! Long term, organic (from search engines) is still the hidden gold mine in all sites. By distributing your press releases to the “right sites”, you’ll ultimately boost your SERP’s and drive more organic traffic to your site.

But if Press Releases Are So Valuable, Why Isn’t Everyone Screaming About Them?

The truth? Creating and distributing high quality press releases is hard work. Sadly, most press release services create weak content and distribute it to low-traffic, low DA sites. Why? Because it’s a lot easier and less time consuming, that’s why.

But At Clicktacular, We Invest the Time to Generate High Quality Press Releases that Directly Impact Your Business 

  • We Only Use Australian or US-Based Copywriters to Create Press Releases
  • We Distribute Press Releases to Over 200+ High-Traffic, High DA Media Sites
  • See Your Results with Our 100% Transparent Reports
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

All you need to do to get started is tell us a newsworthy event that you wish to promote about your business and our marketing team and copywriters will take care of the rest!

Get Your Business Seen On Media Sites Like CNN, ABC, CNS & More!

Having a beautiful, functional website is only ½ of what you need for true online success. Because without visitors to see your site and potentially buy: It’s just another pretty site but it won’t make you any money.

To “get traffic rolling”, most website owners “buy traffic” from places like Adwords, Facebook and other “paid traffic sources”. Sure, it helps and you can start selling at that point—but where are the profits?

Even if you paid just $.50 a click and had a solid 2% conversion rate, that’s $25 you have to invest in traffic to generate one sale. Now if your products are $200 or more, that’s great!

But realistically: Most website owners are lucky to break even when they have to pay “by the click” for all of their visitors. And that’s why getting organic traffic (from the search engines) is when websites really start making profits. Until that point, most sites are generating revenue but not much in terms of profits.

High Domain Authority Backlinks from Media Sites Can Supercharge Your Search Rankings And Organic Traffic

For search engines, backlinks from High Domain Authority websites are a sign that your site is trusted by other serious websites. Unfortunately, most press release services don’t have the connections with the serious media sites and can’t get your content listed on them.

And here’s the worst part:

Posting Press Releases on Low-Quality Media Sites Can Actually Hurt Your SEO Rankings!

The price you pay for poor press release distribution is not limited to the cost of the press releases themselves. If your site accumulates a large number of spammy citations and backlinks from low-quality media sites—it can actually cause your SEO rankings to drop.

It gets worse: Once Google and the other search engines flag your site for spammy media citations—you’ll then have to manually remove each one to fix the problem! That’s right: The very press releases that were supposed to help grow your business can become anchors that drag down search engine rankings, traffic, and overall revenue!

At Clicktacular, We Only Create High Quality Press Releases and Distribute Them to Top Sites Like ABC, CNN, CNS and More!

Our press release formula for driving traffic and boosting your search engine rank is both simple and incredibly effective:

  1. We Distribute Your Press Release to Over 200+ High Quality Media Sites with Great Domain Authority: Clicktacular only posts your press releases to high-traffic sites with great Domain Authority. This ensures that every backlink we generate with our Press Release service helps boost your search engine rankings, traffic, and ultimately: Profits!
  2. We Hire Proven US and Australian-Based Copywriters to Generate Your Press Release: We don’t outsource to foreign outfits in SEAsia where you never know what you’re buying. Instead, all of our copywriters have years of proven experience creating 100% custom, effective press releases that help brand your business!

Once complete, you will receive a 100% transparent report showing the exact results of our work and where your press release was distributed. If you aren’t completely thrilled with our service: We’ll refund your money. Nice.

Get Your Business Seen On Media Sites Like CNN, ABC, CNS & More!

From Baby Boomers to Millennials: We have all been raised on branding. We are conditioned to believe one brand of jeans (car, shoes, smartphone, etc.) is worth more than the other because of a logo—a brand.

But when you start a new site: You won’t have any branding in place. And sure, you might have a logo: But no one will recognize it so it will not help you convert visitors into buyers.

Now, what if your same site were able to legally insert powerful logos from branded and known media companies like ABC, CNN, CNS and more?

People Will Be More Likely To Trust Your Site and Make an Actual Purchase

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Get Press Releases with Links to Your Site Posted on Sites Like CNN, ABC, etc.

Step 2: Create a Section on Site That Says Something Like: As Seen On

Step 3: Legally Post Logos from Media Sites Where Your Press Releases Are Posted

And just like that: Your site has bona-fide credibility from massive, branded news outlets!

Plus, in addition to adding credibility and “social proof” to your site, the right press releases can legitimately drive sales in other ways, including:

  • Infusion of Referral Traffic: Every press release should include a link back to your site (if not, it’s worthless!). For high-traffic media sites, those links are clicked on by readers and redirected straight to your site. That’s an immediate infusion of referral traffic and potential customers.
  • Boost Search Engine Rankings: Press releases posted to credible media outlets with high Domain Authority creates coveted backlinks to your site. And because these are high quality sites with solid Domain Authority, you get “SEO Juice” for your site! The more SEO Juice you have, the higher your search engine rankings and the more FREE Organic traffic it will generate!
  • Increase Website Conversion Rate: With the “right” press releases created by professional copywriters, your business is actually being branded with each release that gets posted. And as we discussed earlier, the credibility logos also help boost conversions as well—so it’s a true win-win!

At Clicktacular, We Make It Easy to Boost Site Credibility and Conversions with Our High Quality Press Releases!

After our professional copywriters create your 100% custom press release, our marketing team gets to work on distribution. To date, we have already built a proven network of more than 200+ media outlets to distribute press releases, including: CNN, ABC, CNS and More!

Now, here’s how we make posting credibility logos incredibly easy:

Once your press releases have been distributed, we will then create your Press Release Distribution Report. This 100% transparent report quickly shows you which media outlets we have posted to. All you then have to do is go and chase down the right logos to post to your site!

And if you aren’t 100% thrilled with our results: We’ll issue a full refund.